Interior House Painting

We have many excellent references who will speak to our character as well as our abilities to safely and efficiently take care of any interior house painting you may need done in the Gainesville, Florida area.

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Exterior House Painting

Any fool can paint the outside of a house. Maybe you've noticed. But what about the proper surface preparation? That's where we separate the professionals from the amateurs.

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Office & Commercial

While many folks in the greater Gainesville, Florida, area know us as top-notch professional house painters, they're often pleasantly surprised to discover we also paint offices as well.

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Gainesville House Painting Done Right

We put good energy into your home or office.

Maybe you've seen my Google reviews. Or Yelp reviews. Or reviews on some other place.

There's a reason we get so much positive feedback.

I know what I'm doing. I care about the details. I'm always available to talk about the job. And I make sure every job is done right.

Well, okay, that's four reasons...

I take painting very seriously. (The rest of my life... not so much.)

How To Get Your House Painted In Gainesville Florida (or office!)

I never wanted to be the best painter in town. I don't like the spotlight. All that pressure. It's a lot to live up to.

But somebody has to wear the mantle. May as well be me.

Most of my life, I wanted to be invisible. Blend in with the surroundings. Just be one of the workers.

Who knew the cream would rise to the top?

Now, here I am, at 60 years old - standing head and shoulders above all the other painting contractors in Gator Town.

Who knew someone so modest, so humble, would possess almost super-human house painting skills, knowledge and expertise?

I'm almost embarrassed to tell you all this. But you need to know the truth. You deserve to know the truth.

This may come as a surprise, but some people view painting as a boring task. Monotonous. Repetitive. Not a whole lot of brain cells required.

Some would even view house painting as punishment for some errant behavior. And those unfortunate enough to be sentenced to a life of such drudgery... must be either a dullard, or perhaps flirting with madness. Or constantly fighting their own inner demons that dwell in the bottom of the bottle, as they do.

But there is a beauty...

We all appreciate the finished product, but few see the beauty in the very application of this magical substance so callously and mundanely referred to as 'house paint'.

Make no mistake - paint is magical.

The ancient alchemists - so determined to turn lead into gold - would finally find their heart's desire if they were alive today.

It goes on velvety-smooth as a liquid. Easy to apply!

And then, like magic, it dries to a hard durable protective covering that will enhance the value and beautify the surroundings of those souls blessed enough to hire me to paint their home or office.

I know something other painting contractors don't know. I know the potent power lying dormant in that can of paint that stands so innocently on the shelf of Central Paint Store, located on 13th Street just a stone's throw from the University of Florida.

I've touched the mystery, the magic, the wonder... that lies within. And I've let it touch me.

Painting can be a joyful experience. It can delight the young and old alike. It can fascinate with its transformative powers. It can nurture your soul.

So... uh... how come nobody knows this?

Because to experience the wonder, the joy, the sheer thrill of painting... you have to be in the present moment. And that's something very few people seem to know how to do.

We spend most of our waking moments brooding about the past, or worrying about the future. Who has time to be in the present moment?

But that's where your power lies - in the present.

Peace, happiness, contentment... only exist in the present.

Misery, frustration, angst - come from not being in the present.

When I started painting in the late 1970's - I worked with others, like me, who highly valued the power and the practice of meditation. We'd get into a groove sometimes, and hours would pass. Almost effortlessly.

When you're in the zone - magic happens.

When you're painting 'in the zone' - you can put magic on the walls.

So why do so few painters (and people!) get to experience the beauty of the Zen state?

Because they give too much credence to the thoughts in their head, and they have nowhere else to go with their focus and attention.

They don't question the stories they tell themselves all day long. Fear stories. Frustration stories. Anger stories. Hurt stories. All designed to take you out of the present moment.

Have you noticed? You never run out of stories to tell yourself - to explain why things are the way they are.

My secret: I've learned how to focus on something else entirely. If you want to hear about it, just ask...

Otherwise I'll leave you alone!

Oh, by the way -

Different colors have different effects upon you.

Take a look around yourself right now. What are the colors you see, saying about you?

You want to be surrounded by your power colors.

I can help you select the colors that allow you to express yourself


One final note: If you have other jobs besides painting that need done, just let me know! I've been here a long time and I know a lot of different people I can recommend for other services.

NEW! Solar paint produces clean, renewable energy from the exterior walls of your house.
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Now There's A Good Looking Can Of Paint If I've Ever Seen One